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5 Legal Aspects That Can Help You to Scale Up Your Startup

The term “startup” has been floating in media headlines since last a few years. In simple words, a startup is a new company/business organization commenced by young individuals/entrepreneurs to meet the growing demands of the market, help talented people to come up with their best and provide employment opportunities to job seekers. 

Many fresh graduates and even experienced professionals give more importance to work with a startup company because it can expedite the development and commercialize the nascent technologies that are likely to satisfy unmet market needs and benefit the public up to a great extent. 

All entrepreneurial activities are regulated by a variety of laws, rules, regulations, and norms. The selection of company type (Business partnership, Individual entrepreneur, Limited Liability Company, and Joint-stock company), labor contracts, company statutes, etc, must be done correctly in accordance with the law. Due to a number of prohibitions on startup activities, legal support for a start-up project is needed at the very first stage of its development. Have a look at 5 legal aspects which are essential for the well-being of startups and their smooth functioning:

1. Selection of An Appropriate Business Model
When you take a decision to start a company, you have to choose a business model from Business partnership, Individual entrepreneur, Limited Liability Company, and Joint-stock company. You can take this decision yourself depending upon your specific business needs. But, always keep in mind that startup companies require a detailed legal analysis to determine important things, such as planned business processes, monetization system, the choice of jurisdiction, business activities you want to start. Startup Lawyers in India can take care of all these issues and help you kick-start your business easily and smoothly.Startup Lawyers in India can take care of all these issues and help you kick-start your business easily and smoothly.

2. Business Contracts
When you start a company, it involves the interest of shareholders, founders and co-founders, investors, employees, and all those persons who are associated with it. So, When the team is formed, it is necessary to agree on all the details before the implementation of the project by concluding a business agreement in advance. It involves various legal provisions which should be implemented without any fail. You can implement all the related laws and regulations with the help of top lawyers in India. It helps you to settle the issues related to the distribution of business shares, the receipt of revenues, expenses, the ownership intellectual property, business logo, co-ownership, etc. 

3. Agreement on the privacy of Confidential Information
When you hire a team of professionals to operate your business activities, it is recommended to conclude agreements on non-disclosure of confidential information as it will deter the leakage of intellectual activity, ideas, developments, and other valuable information. Here, lawyers help you to prepare the agreement as per the existing law and protect your business interests, trade secrets, and IP from being stolen by unauthorized parties. 

4. Establishment Of Legal Entity
When you launch a startup company as an individual entrepreneur with no legal entity, it makes it very difficult for you to attract investments and new partners. Even if you commence your business without the formation of a legal entity at the initial stage, you will need to obtain IP. Always keep in mind that the establishment of an investment partnership is possible only by commercial organizations. For that, the legal structuring of startup companies is essential.

Once you legalize your company with the help of top lawyer firms in India, it will become easier for you to clearly determine the participants' business shares, the procedure for allocating profits and losses, the process of the withdrawal of partners/the entry of new partners, control over operating activities, limitation of liability for obligations, etc. All these are necessary to attract investment and skillful talent for the development of your company. If you want to get more information on how to legalize your startup business/company, Please click here.

5. Protection To Business Projects
Entrepreneurs initiate several business projects to expand their business activities, reach out the potential customers/clients and sell their products and services. All these activities are followed several laws and rules, formulated by the government. It is very difficult for a person to keep a close eye on all the changing laws. If you hire Startup Lawyers in India, they can provide legal protection to your business activities and help it advance rapidly in all directions.

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