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Blog posts September 2017

Different Methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution

Disputes and conflicts take place in our lives every now and then. When you are swindled by a supplier, business partner, client, friend, generally you run to the courthouse to file a formal complaint to initiate litigation, prove your legal claim against the rival party, and win the case. In to…

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How Confidentiality Agreements Important In Mergers & Acquisitions Transactions

These days, Mergers and acquisitions are highly popular in the business world. Previously, M&A transactions were mainly an instrument for a company expansion and one of the most desired kinds of investments
in developed countries, but M & A transactions are being held continuously all across th…

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5 Legal Aspects That Can Help You to Scale Up Your Startup

The term “startup” has been floating in media headlines since last a few years. In simple words, a startup is a new company/business organization commenced by young individuals/entrepreneurs to meet the growing demands of the market, help talented people to come up with their best and provide em…

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How An International Lawyer Can Help You To Resolve Disputes

The development of international relations between citizens and legal entities is taking new shape every month. The volumes of trade and flows of capital and human resources are constantly growing. Nevertheless, despite favorable growth, problems do emerge which makes it difficult for the involved…

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