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Blog posts November 2017

Best Tips For NRIs Renting Out Property In India

Income from rental properties helps landlords to consolidate their financial status. It also helps them to use the definite monthly income to involve in other business activities and earn a decent income every month. At a time when the cost of life and useful goods are increasing rapidly with each passing day, everyone loves extra income. Most of the NRIs are involved in buying and selling of properties in India

However, there are there are many NRIs also rent their properties to tenants and earn a definite monthly income every month as room rents. However, when you get involved in this business, there are some precautions that you need to follow for your safety and comply with the law. Have a look at some tips you must follow while renting your house:

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How An International Lawyer Can Help You To Resolve Disputes

The development of international relations between citizens and legal entities is taking new shape every month. The volumes of trade and flows of capital and human resources are constantly growing. Nevertheless, despite favorable growth, problems do emerge which makes it difficult for the involved parties to conduct their operations as usual.

If you have the presence of property/business in the territory of another or several states and are involved in international disputes (which falls under foreign jurisdictions), then you can seek legal assistance from an international lawyer. He/she can solve your disputes/problems legally and help you to perform your business, financial and other types of activities smoothly. Have a look at some ways how an international lawyer can help you:

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Become a Corporate Lawyer

Business activities are increasing all over the world. Business organizations need the help of lawyers to complete a lot of works related to their business, such as to get the notarized affidavit of ownership and licenses, tax filings, local business permits, etc. If you take a decision to become a lawyer, it may prove very promising for you. Just have a look at the top 5 reasons to become a corporate lawyer:

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